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of the day (Braun, Walsdorff, Fraser and Bugnyar, 2012). Specifically in these small groups, ravens engage in a range of socio-positive behaviors. They may share and offer food or, in a playful manner, show and offer non-food items (Pika and Bugnyar, 2011); they may sit in close contact (within reach of the other's beak) and engage in reciprocal allopreening (analogue to grooming in primates) with
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Jhamb1; Jonathan Yabes1; Glenn M. Updike2; Gary Fischer1. 1University of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh, PA; 2University of Pittsburgh Medical Center, Pittsburgh, PA. (Tracking ID #2198285) BACKGROUND: Outpatient (ambulatory) blood pressure (BP) measures have been shown to be highly predictive of cardiovascular mortality. Despite this, ambulatory BP data is often not available to providers making decision
orld and body-bound individuals. To conclude, while participatory sense-making is essential for understanding social cognition as a processual and interactive phenomenon and will be important to understand some of the underlying dynamics of group identity construction and interrelations of individuals, its concept of the individual remains ambiguous. We have still to provide more steps within the
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